The MSY Damai II

The MSY Damai II

The MSY Damai II, catering especially to diving photographers, defines luxury at its best. She is limited to just 12 divers divided into small groups, ensuring personal, photographer friendly approach. Capacious camera room surpasses many found in resorts on dry land.


  • Transport to and from the airport
  • On board accommodation
  • All inclusive board service (exc. alcoholic bev and some soft drinks)
  • Unlimited diving
  • Land excursions according to schedule
  • First spa treatment

Not Included

  • Port clearance and Harbour tax
  • National park and local fees
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Dive insurance – compulsary

We love it for

  • Built with traditional Indonesian boat building method
  • 3 large outside deck areas
  • Spacious camera room
  • Diving “a la Carte”
  • On board spa
  • Optional nitrox dive – surcharge

The MSY Damai II in details

The MSY Damai II was constructed in Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi by Pak Hadji Baso in 2011. Pak Hadji Baso is one of the most respected master boat builders in the traditional Indonesian boat building comunity of Bira.

As a returning guest you have a complementary dive equipment and free nitrox at your disposal.

Facilities - Cabins - Decks

The below deck accommodation has been designed to accommodate single/twin occupants in a level of high luxury. Each cabin boasts a private shower and separate head with a queen-size bed and a separate day bed, the cabins measure approximately 20sq.mts (225 sq.ft) each and have been finished with the highest quality furnishings.

Two cabins are intended for single occupancy at no extra charge for this service to the customer. The stern staterooms are over 400 sq.ft each and boast their own private deck with loungers, a super-king size bed, day beds, two desks and separate shower and head.

The stern staterooms are over 400 sq.ft each and boast their own private deck with loungers, a super-king size bed, day beds, two desks and ensuite shower and separate head .The dive station very large and is served by large individuals rinse tanks. The camera room has been enlarged also. The diver to guide ratio is 4 to 1.


Navigation Equipments

  • Echo sounder & GPS plotter – GP 1650F
  • Radar FURUNO (36NM) – F1832
  • Standard Compass – Toyo Keiki
  • HV Radio – Furuno M 710
  • VHF Radio -2 units – Furuno M 304
  • Electronic Chart – MaxSea (ver 10.02)

Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Fire man out Fit with breathing apparatus. – 2 unit
  • CO2 portable (6Kg) – 6 unit
  • CO2 portable (4Kg) – 2 unit
  • Foam portable (9Kg) – 4 unit
  • Bompet (foam automatic applicator) – 7 unit
  • Fix Hydrant with hose and nozzle – 2 unit


  • Fuel tanks – 4 units @ 5000 ltrs capacity
  • Fresh water tank – 1 unit @ 10.000 ltr capacity
  • Fuel daily tank – 1 unit @ 1.000 ltr capacity
  • Gray tank – 1 unit @ 600 ltr capacity
  • Black tank – 1 unit @ 600 ltr capacity

Safety Equipments

  • Life Raft (Capacity 20 persons) – 3 unit
  • Life Jacket – 35 unit
  • Throwing line Apparatus – 1 set
  • Pyrotechnics – 2 set
  • EPIRB – 1 unit
  • Life Ring – 8 unit
  • MOB beacon. – 2 unit


  • Main Engine: 1x Mitsubishi 10M20-OA – 640 Hp serial
  • Gear Box – Twin Disc type: MGH 56 BLX-1
  • Auxiliary Engine: 3x Mitsubishi M4D33P Generator 60 Kva
  • Compressor 1 unit Dive Compressor Poseidon PE-200
  • 1 unit Dive Compressor C.A.T.230
  • 2 unit Nitrox type Atlas Copco
  • Fuel Filters – Primary filter – Racor
  • Secondary filter – Racor
  • Pumps 2 unit Sea water pumps for toilet flush (Lakoni-Italy)
  • 2 unit Fresh water pumps (Sanyo)
  • 3 unit GS pumps
  • 1 unit submersible pump for bilge (Nocchi-Italy)
  • 1 unit fuel transfer pump (Taiko-Japan)

The MSY Damai II in pictures

Select your schedule and cruise destination

Rates, Itineraries & Schedule

Rates, Itineraries & Schedule

Here you can discover different cruises available aboard the MSY Damai II. If you want additional information regarding the area reached by the MSY Damai II, please kindly check the “Locations & Diving” tab.

Following rates do not include next fees: Port clearance, Harbour tax, National park fee, Local fee, Fuel surcharge!

Any Cruise in 2018 booked with the Damai before the 31st May 2018 get free domestic tickets from Jakarta or Bali to the departure of the chosen cruise!

april 2018

15apr - 26apr 151:00 pmapr 26Banda Sea - MSY Damai II11 Nights - $6710 - Ambon to Saumlaki

27apr - 8mayapr 271:00 pmmay 8Forgotten Islands - MSY Damai II11 Nights - $6710 - Saumlaki to Maumere

may 2018

24may - 30may 241:00 pmmay 30Komodo - MSY Damai II6 Nights - $3660 - Labuan Bajo to Bima

30may - 5junmay 301:00 pmjun 5Komodo - MSY Damai II6 Nights - $3660 - Bima to Labuan Bajo

june 2018

7jun - 13jun 71:00 pmjun 13Komodo - MSY Damai II6 Nights - $3660 - Labuan Bajo to Bima

october 2018

12oct - 23oct 121:00 pmoct 23Raja Ampat - MSY Damai II11 Nights - $6710 - Sorong to Sorong

november 2018

7nov - 18nov 71:00 pmnov 18Raja Ampat - MSY Damai II11 Nights - $6710 - Sorong to Ambon

23nov - 5decnov 231:00 pmdec 5Banda Sea - MSY Damai II12 Nights - $7320 - Ambon to Sorong

january 2019

7jan - 14jan 71:00 pmjan 14Raja Ampat - MSY Damai II7 Nights - $4375 - Sorong to Sorong

february 2019

18feb - 25feb 181:00 pmfeb 25Raja Ampat - MSY Damai II7 Nights - $4375 - Sorong to Sorong

march 2019

12mar - 24mar 121:00 pmmar 24Raja Ampat - MSY Damai II12 Nights - $7500 - Kaimana to Sorong

april 2019

7apr - 19apr 71:00 pmapr 19Raja Ampat - MSY Damai II12 Nights - $7500 - Kaimana to Sorong

may 2019

17may - 27may 171:00 pmmay 27Alor Archipelago - MSY Damai II10 Nights - $6250 - Kupang to Maumere

28may - 7junmay 281:00 pmjun 7Alor Archipelago - MSY Damai II10 Nights - $6250 - Maumere to Kupang

june 2019

8jun - 18jun 81:00 pmjun 18Alor Archipelago - MSY Damai II10 Nights - $6250 - Kupang to Labuan Bajo

21jun - 1juljun 211:00 pmjul 1- 1:00 pmKomodo - MSY Damai II10 Nights - $6250 - Labuan Bajo to Benoa

august 2019

3aug - 14aug 31:00 pmaug 14Komodo - MSY Damai II11 Nights - $6875 - Benoa to Labuan Bajo

16aug - 23aug 161:00 pmaug 23Komodo - MSY Damai II7 Nights - $4375 - Labuan Bajo to Bima

25aug - 1sepaug 251:00 pmsep 1- 1:00 pmKomodo - MSY Damai II7 Nights - $4375 - Bima to Labuan Bajo

september 2019

4sep - 15sep 41:00 pmsep 15Alor Archipelago - MSY Damai II11 Nights - $6875 - Labuan Bajo to Maumere

october 2019

30oct - 11novoct 301:00 pmnov 11Raja Ampat - MSY Damai II12 Nights - $7500 - Saumlaki to Sorong

november 2019

12nov - 23nov 121:00 pmnov 23Raja Ampat - MSY Damai II11 Nights - $6875 - Sorong to Saumlaki

december 2019

6dec - 13dec 61:00 pmdec 13Raja Ampat - MSY Damai II7 Nights - $4375 - Sorong to Sorong

29dec - 9jandec 291:00 pmjan 9Raja Ampat - MSY Damai II11 Nights - $6875 - Sorong to Sorong

Locations & Diving

Locations & Diving

Learn more about the wonderful areas you could discover while diving aboard the MSY Damai II!

Alor Archipelago

Alor Archipelago

Where is Alor?

  • Alor Archipelago (consisting of seven main islands) lies at the end of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain in Indonesia. The narrow Pantar straight, within which lie five small, charming islands (Kepa, Pura, Buaya, Ternate and Tereweng island), separates the main island Alor from Pantar.


  • A combination of unspoiled, colorful reefs and abundant marine life makes Alor an absolutely world class diving destination. Whether you are into muck, macro, big fish or beautiful coral, Alor caters for every need. As a result of volcanic activities the topography varies from outstanding walls, rock slides, valleys, seamounts and pinnacles. Some dive sites are renowned for big fish (schools of big eye jackfish, dog tooth tuna, sharks, giant groupers, Napoleon wrasse, eagle rays and occasionally mola-mola …).
  • The diversity of invertebrates, anemones, hard and soft corals is truly impressive. There are some muck sites famous for critters. The colorful slopes around Pura Island are home to the cute mandarin fish, frogfish, blue ribbon eel, scorpion leaf fish, harlequin ghost pipefish, pygmy sea horses, etc… It is common to encounter pilot-whales, hundreds of dolphins and seasonally (from Oct to Dec) even whales, passing to the Pacific Ocean. The waters have occasionally strong currents.

General informations

  • Dry Season: june to December
  • Rainy Season: January / February
  • Air temperature: 27 – 32°C
  • Water temperature: 26 – 29°C
  • Current: Mid to very strong
  • Best time to dive: End of March until the end of December
Forgotten Islands

Forgotten Islands

Where are the Forgotten Islands?

  • The so called forgotten island are a long chain of islands staring at Timor and extending up to West Papua.


  • The Forgotten Islands include Kei archipelago, Taninbar , Koon, Dai , Manuk, are still being explored.   keep your eyes on the bleu for pelagic, October / November is the season of school of Hammerhead, they are often spotted at Manuk and Koon. You’ll also enjoy the variety of dive sites which provide a superb mix of wide angle and macro subjects as most Indonesian guide are incredible spotters.

General Informations

  • Rainy Season: January / february
  • Air temperature: 27 to 34°C
  • Water temperature: 27 to 29°C
  • Current: moderate to strong
  • Best time to dive: October/November/December


Where is Komodo?

  • Komodo, also belonging to the Lesser Sunda chain, lies between the islands of Sumba and Flores. Komodo, Rinca and Padar are the three main islands that along with numerous smaller ones form Komodo Marine Park. A Combination of many small islands and relatively shallow seas between Flores and the west coast of Komodo create ideal conditions for diving in swift currents at tidal changes.
  • The island is also famous for its Komodo dragon monitor lizard, the largest lizard in the world. An alert and agile predator and scavenger that can reach 2.5 meters in length and 125 kg. Nowadays more than a thousand inhabit the island and about half that number that live on nearby Rinca Island.


  • Komodo diving can easily be categorized as being one of the world’s best dive destinations. It is one of the most diverse and rich marine environments in the world and has two totally different marine environments. The north side offers clear warm waters flowing from the Flores and Banda seas. Underwater is stunning with vibrant colors, diverse exotic fish life, exceptionally healthy corals, reefs crammed with invertebrates and packed with reef fish. Current-swept deep cool water sea mounts, walls and pinnacles are patrolled by sharks, tuna and other big fish. The south plankton rich waters (making visibility ‘slightly reduced) host eagle rays, manta rays, sunfish and abundant fish life as well as macro life and critters such as leaf fish, frogfish, sea apples, pygmy seahorses, a variety of ghost pipefish, many different nudibranches, and much more.

General informations

  • Dry Season:
  • Rainy Season:
  • Air temperature: 27 – 32°C
  • Water temperature: 23 – 29°C
  • Current: Mid to strong
  • Best time to dive: All year round. January to March can have rough surface conditions at the northern dive sites. July and August can have rough seas in the south and Rinca. But these conditions rarely interfere to any great extent with the liveaboard schedules.
Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

Where is Raja Ampat?

  • Raja Ampat (literally translates as “The Four Kings”) is at the far eastern reaches of the Nusa Tenggara island chain. The main four islands are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool.


  • The most bio-diverse marine region on earth. There are vertical walls, reef flats, slopes, ridges, sea mounds, mucky shallow bays and mangroves, lagoons with channels overhung by rainforest, pinnacles, and offshore reefs with raging currents…
  • The reefs are supporting an unbelievable variety of colorful soft and hard corals, reef fish plus a copious amount of schooling fish. Dolphins, manta rays, devil rays, whales and turtles are some of the larger animals found here. Sharks such as wobbegongs and the small Epaulette Shark are often found lying on the sea grass.

General informations

  • Dry Season:
  • Rainy Season:
  • Air temperature: 27 – 32°C
  • Water temperature: 26 – 29°C
  • Current: Mid to strong
  • Best time to dive: October till May
Triton Bay

Triton Bay

Where is Triton Bay?

  • Triton Bay – the next frontier of Indonesian diving- lies on the western peninsula of the island of New Guinea. It is one of three regions in Indonesia’s West Papua province that comprise the Bird’s Head Seascape (together with Raja Ampat and Cenderawasih Bay) which is considered the center of Coral Triangle with the highest marine biodiversity on the planet. In 2008 Kaimana Regency declared a 6000 sq km Marine Protected Area around the waters of Kaimana and Triton Bay which were cited for having nesting grounds for green turtles, a population of coastal Bryde’s Whales  and last but not least – whale sharks.


  • Over 30 dive sites are already identified and many more to be explored. Many of them lie in Iris Strait between Aiduma Island and mainland, others in Triton Bay itself as well as on the outer reefs off of bigger islands in the area.  Triton Bay is becoming best known for its beautiful soft coral gardens and abundance of fish but area’s underwater topography offers much more to be admired: spectacular pinnacles, huge boulders draped in colorful corals, massive black coral bushes, drift and wall dives. Critter hunting is yet another highlight of Triton Bay diving.

General informations

  • Dry Season: tropical equatorial climate all year raining
  • Air temperature: 27 – 32°C
  • Water temperature: 24 – 27°C
  • Current: Mid to strong
  • Best time to dive: October till May


If you desire to explore beyond underwater realm of Indonesia, we can tailor your trip to include land extensions that will unveil the wildlife, culture or history of this magical land.

Contact us to find out what part of Indonesia’s rich environment can be discovered at your chosen destination.  We will handle all of the travelling arrangements within your dates.

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