The Calico Jack

The Calico Jack

This traditionally built Phinisi started his journey sailing on Indonesian waters in 2014 year. It will take you on an unforgettable cruise exploring underwater magic of Indonesia.


  • Transport to and from the airport
  • On board accommodation
  • All inclusive board service (exc. alcoholic bev and some soft drinks)
  • Dives according to itinerary
  • Fishing equipment-where allowed
  • Kayaks, Wake Boards and SUB-Paddles

Not Included

  • Port clearance and Harbour tax
  • National park and local fees
  • Dive insurance – compulsary

We love it for

  • Newly built
  • Traditionally built from Iron wood and teak
  • Max 10 guests
  • Yoga area on top deck, huge bean bags

The Calico Jack in details

30 Meters long Calico Jack with modern equipment was built with scuba divers in mind. It can accommodate guests in 5 cabins (2 double cabins, 2 double or single cabins and 1 twin cabin), meaning max 10 guests. Every cabin has its own bathroom and air con.

Outside there is quite spacious sundeck and dining area. Huge beanbags are quite fun addition to the liveaboard deck. There are also few kayaks, SUP-s and Wake boards available to shorten time above water.

Facilities - Cabins - Decks
  • 2 double bed cabins
  • 2 double or single cabins (double beds can be separated)
  • 1 twin cabin

All cabins en-suite toilets, hot shower and air conditioning.

Communal spaces:

  • Large gallery
  • A saloon
  • Outside dining area
  • Sundeck terrace
  • Diving platform

Technical data

  • Lenght (LOA): 30 m (98ft)
  • Keel: 15 m (45ft)
  • Beam: 7m (20ft)
  • Mast(s): 2 x 20 m (60ft)
  • Sail area: 300 m2 (900ft2)
  • Tonnage: 90 tonnes
  • Draught: 2.5 m (8ft)
  • Cruising speed: 7-8 knots top speed 12 knots
  • Engines: 2 x 220 Hp Mitsubishi diesel
  • Fresh water maker: 5 tonnes per day
  • Fresh water storage: 5 tonnes
  • Voltage: 12v and 220v throughout
  • Max total passengers: 10
  • Crew: 8 + 2 Dive guides + 1 Cruise director

The Calico Jack in pictures

Select your schedule and cruise destination

Rates, Itineraries & Schedule

Rates, Itineraries & Schedule

Here you can discover different cruises available aboard Calico Jack. If you want additional information regarding the area reached by the Calico Jack, please kindly check the “Locations & Diving” tab.

Following rates do not include next fees: Port clearance, Harbour tax, National park fee, Local fee, Fuel surcharge!

august 2017

13aug - 18aug 131:00 pmaug 18Komodo - Calico Jack5 Nights - €1350 - Labuan Bajo to Labuan Bajo

24aug - 4sepaug 241:00 pmsep 4Maumere - Calico Jack11 Nights - €3500 - Maumere to Alor

september 2017

8sep - 19sep 81:00 pmsep 19Forgotten Islands - Calico Jack11 Nights - €3500 - Alor to Saumlaki

24sep - 5octsep 241:00 pmoct 5Forgotten Islands - Calico Jack11 Nights - €3500 - Saumlaki to Ambon

november 2017

5nov - 16nov 51:00 pmnov 16Raja Ampat - Calico Jack11 Nights - €3200 - Sorong to Sorong

19nov - 30nov 191:00 pmnov 30Raja Ampat - Calico Jack11 Nights - €3200 - Sorong to Sorong

december 2017

3dec - 14dec 31:00 pmdec 14Raja Ampat - Calico Jack11 Nights - €3200 - Sorong to Sorong

18dec - 26dec 181:00 pmdec 26Raja Ampat - Calico Jack8 Nights - €2700 - Sorong to Sorong

28dec - 5jandec 281:00 pmjan 5Raja Ampat - Calico Jack8 Nights - €2700 - Sorong to Sorong

january 2018

21jan - 1febjan 211:00 pmfeb 1- 1:00 pmRaja Ampat - Calico Jack11 Nights - €3200 - Sorong to Sorong

february 2018

4feb - 15feb 41:00 pmfeb 15Raja Ampat - Calico Jack11 Nights - €3200 - Sorong to Sorong

march 2018

4mar - 15mar 41:00 pmmar 15Raja Ampat - Calico Jack11 Nights - €3200 - Sorong to Sorong

Locations & Diving

Locations & Diving

Learn more informations about the wonderful area you could discover and dive aboard the Calico Jack!

Banda Sea

Banda Sea

Where is Banda Sea?

  • Banda Sea is located in the center of Maluku islands, surounded by hundreds of islands on one and Halmahera and Ceram seas on the other side.


  • It was well hidden from divers for some time. Its remoteness and low human population contributed to bursting underwater livelihood. Here you find extra vigorous, healthy reef systems. Two main characteristics that outline diving in this area are mobula rays and dogtooth tuna. There is plenty to see under water, for example large schools of fusilier and plenty of redtooth trigger fish, mandarin fish, native Ambon scorpion fish, and so many more.

General Information

  • Dry Season: May – November
  • Rainy Season: high rainfall January /February
  • Air temperature: 27 – 32°C
  • Water temperature: 26 to 29°C
  • Current: mild, but can be strong
  • Best time to dive: October – December and March – April


Where is Komodo?

  • Komodo, also belonging to the Lesser Sunda chain, lies between the islands of Sumba and Flores. Komodo, Rinca and Padar are the three main islands that along with numerous smaller ones form Komodo Marine Park. A Combination of many small islands and relatively shallow seas between Flores and the west coast of Komodo create ideal conditions for diving in swift currents at tidal changes.
  • The island is also famous for its Komodo dragon monitor lizard, the largest lizard in the world. An alert and agile predator and scavenger that can reach 2.5 meters in length and 125 kg. Nowadays more than a thousand inhabit the island and about half that number that live on nearby Rinca Island.


  • Komodo diving can easily be categorized as being one of the world’s best dive destinations. It is one of the most diverse and rich marine environments in the world and has two totally different marine environments. The north side offers clear warm waters flowing from the Flores and Banda seas. Underwater is stunning with vibrant colors, diverse exotic fish life, exceptionally healthy corals, reefs crammed with invertebrates and packed with reef fish. Current-swept deep cool water sea mounts, walls and pinnacles are patrolled by sharks, tuna and other big fish. The south plankton rich waters (making visibility ‘slightly reduced) host eagle rays, manta rays, sunfish and abundant fish life as well as macro life and critters such as leaf fish, frogfish, sea apples, pygmy seahorses, a variety of ghost pipefish, many different nudibranches, and much more.

General informations

  • Dry Season:
  • Rainy Season:
  • Air temperature: 27 – 32°C
  • Water temperature: 23 – 29°C
  • Current: Mid to strong
  • Best time to dive: All year round. January to March can have rough surface conditions at the northern dive sites. July and August can have rough seas in the south and Rinca. But these conditions rarely interfere to any great extent with the liveaboard schedules.
Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

Where is Raja Ampat?

  • Raja Ampat (literally translates as “The Four Kings”) is at the far eastern reaches of the Nusa Tenggara island chain. The main four islands are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool.


  • The most bio-diverse marine region on earth. There are vertical walls, reef flats, slopes, ridges, sea mounds, mucky shallow bays and mangroves, lagoons with channels overhung by rainforest, pinnacles, and offshore reefs with raging currents…
  • The reefs are supporting an unbelievable variety of colorful soft and hard corals, reef fish plus a copious amount of schooling fish. Dolphins, manta rays, devil rays, whales and turtles are some of the larger animals found here. Sharks such as wobbegongs and the small Epaulette Shark are often found lying on the sea grass.

General informations

  • Dry Season:
  • Rainy Season:
  • Air temperature: 27 – 32°C
  • Water temperature: 26 – 29°C
  • Current: Mid to strong
  • Best time to dive: October till May


If you desire to explore beyond underwater realm of Indonesia, we can tailor your trip to include land extensions that will unveil the wildlife, culture or history of this magical land.

Contact us to find out what part of Indonesia’s rich environment can be discovered at your chosen destination.  We will handle all of the travelling arrangements within your dates.

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