Charter – Groups

If you are a diving club, a diving association or even a large group of friends or a big divers family, we have some special offers for you!

We are able to tailor a custom trip for you, from domestic plane tickets, to resort or liveaboard booking, as well as side activities, such as birdwatching, kids activities in Bali, villa and driver rentals etc.

If you’re looking to charter a liveaboard or resort, we are of course able to do it. Keep in mind that such bookings need to be made well in advance as availability for large groups are hard to get, due to the success of high quality destination we select for you.

Indonesia is an amazing country to discover, from pristine water to uncharted territories such as Papoua or Borneo, we can take you birdwatching, Orang-Outan sightseeing and so on!

You can find below example of special offers for your diving trip. Of course feel free to contact us at any time for information regarding specific needs you could have.

Special offer for groups

For any stay of 8 to 15 nights:

For groups of 9 people and above, the 10th guest is free of charge. All other group members will benefit from a 50% discount on domestic flights from Jakarta or Bali to their final destination.

For any stay of more than 15 nights:

We offer the 10th guest free of charge, as well as 100% free domestic plane tickets!

Let’s get in touch!

Ask us anything! 

We speack French, Indonesian, English and Slovanian and we are available to discuss your specific needs in greater detail to help find the best solution!

You can reach us via Skype, WhatsApp, Email or classic phone calls. You’ll find all the informations below!

Phone: +6281239079394

WhatsApp: +6281239079394


Skype: diveexploreindonesia

Discover some of our favorite destinations

Villa Markisa

Stay at Villa Markisa and relax in the jacuzzi or at the Spa between two dives at the famous U.S.S Liberty Ship Wreck.

Start at 882€ for 6 nights.

Calico Jack

With 10 guests maximum, this traditional Phinisi is perfect for exploring the magical exploring underwater magic of Indonesia.

Start at 2610€ for 10 nights to Komodo.