As a diver, you are aware that scuba diving is a sport activity that comes with risks and great responsibility. Unfortunately, even with the greatest care taken, an accident can always happen. Therefore we strongly recommend that you susbscribe for a specialised scuba diving insurance.

Even if you already have a medical coverage, there’s a possibility that you are not covered in case of scuba diving activities. Some traveler insurance could cover you in some situations but might have limitations regarding the maximum depth of the dive, decompression chamber coverage and so on.

To offer you the best selection of diving experience, we also suggest some quite remote areas that can be far from any decompression chamber and require helicopter transfer in the eventuality of an accident. Costs can skyrocket and even if we know that no one like to spend money on insurance, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Dive Explore Indonesia does not provide insurance package, but we can recommend our serious and long time partners: Dive Assure & World Nomads.

Enjoy your holidays mind free and remember to be a S.A.F.E Diver! (Slowly Ascend From Every Dive!)

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